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About Ruby Protective Apparel

Ruby was formed when our founder, Emily Todd who’s a registered nurse, was frustrated at not being able to find comfortable, functional apparel that she actually wanted to wear. There were plenty of options for scrubs, but finding everything else proved to be a challenge. In particular, the idea of designing a better compression stocking became an important focus for her.

Nurses spend upwards of 13 hours a day standing on their feet, and finding compression socks that offer comfort for such an extended period of time can prove to be tough. Hence, Emily decided to design her own line of fun, colorful compression socks and antimicrobial scrubs that could provide both function in the workplace and style off the clock. 

The result? A line of  high-quality clothing and accessories that allow nurses and healthcare practitioners to express themselves, enhance their strength and confidence, and help them get the job done.

Ruby’s compression socks not only provide excellent compression for all-day comfort, they’re also more durable than other compression socks on the market. Whereas most socks’ antimicrobial protection wears off after approximately 50 washes, our socks last up to 200 washes, thanks to our silver-ion technology that is actually woven directly into the fabric. 

This permanent anti-microbial feature is great because Ruby’s socks are designed to be worn off the clock too, not just at work. Our fun, colorful compression socks were designed to be worn with confidence and personality so you can express yourself, in other areas of your life. Our socks are more than just great workplace attire; they can be worn for running, long flights, pregnancy, and helps those who have circulation problems like varicose veins or diabetes. In fact, we’re proud to see our socks even featured at roller skate shops, a place we never expected our products to sell at!

But going back to our founder’s story, Ruby’s goal is more than “just making socks” for you. Ruby is a brand that strong, hard-working, educated, and fun women everywhere go to get high-quality, functional products to express themselves while getting the job done. After all, who would know better than our founder—an acute care nurse—who has personally experienced the need for a product like ours.

At Ruby, we believe in acting and operating with integrity and empathy on all levels. We foster an environment that encourages women to embrace their unique qualities, to have fun, and to continue to draw from their inner strength. Put yourselves out there, don’t be afraid to try new things, and believe that you’re more than capable of finishing the job. 

That’s what we’re all about here at Ruby ❤️


Here’s what our customers have to say about Ruby:

"Ruby compression socks are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn! The material is lightweight, very easy to put on and take off, perfect reinforced heel for added comfort, does not compress your toes and does not roll down. The color combinations are so fun and sassy that I’ve gotten many compliments on my socks.” ⁠-Kimberly A. RN BSN, OR Nurse⁠


“The Dom Perignon of compression socks.” -Shari H., raving fan


“I love Ruby’s underscrubs.  They are super comfortable and feel like a hug!  I love that they give me an added layer of antimicrobial defense against the diseases that I’m helping my patients fight on a daily basis.” -Brittani A., BSN RN, med-surg nurse

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