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Search and Rescue Tips: First Aid Kit List

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Medicine in the search and rescue setting is unique because all you have to work with is what’s in your pack and what’s around you, so it’s important to be resourceful and creative with what you have. Here is the list of items of the first aid kid we carry as search and rescue personnel. Use it to create your own first aid kit to bring with you on your next adventure!


Search & Rescue First Aid Kit

4 - acetaminophen or aspirin tablets
4 - antacid tablets
2 - antihistamine, 25 mg Benadryl tablets
2 - antiseptic cleansing pads
1 - antiseptic ointment
6 - band aids, various sizes
2 - Q-Tips cotton swabs, non - sterile
1 - insect repellent
1 - lip balm with sunscreen
2 - medical gloves, sets, latex or nitrile
1 - moleskin
1 - razor blade, single edge safety type
1 - roller gauze bandage
2 - safety pins, large
1 - splinter forceps, tweezers
1 - space blanket or sleeping bag
1 - sunscreen lotion or spray
1 - Wet Wipes towelettes, clean
1 - water purification tabs
1 - trauma shears
1 - whistle
1- North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet
1 - 6” Israeli bandage

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