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Underscrub Details

Ruby has the very best underscrubs on the market for lots of reasons, but here are a couple of my favorites:⁠

Ruby’s fabric is so soft and squishy, it feels like a hug when you wear it. That said, it is designed for maximum protection. Silver-ion antimicrobial technology is woven throughout the fabric for two very important reasons:⁠
1) to keep you fresh during the long workday by eliminating body odor on the inside, and⁠
2) to help keep your work at work by killing germs on the outside.⁠

Ruby’s underscrubs move in all the ways you do. Raglan sleeves let you reach where you please; thumbholes keep your sleeves down when it’s time to gown up; and the extra length keeps you covered no matter which way you stretch and bend. We literally CYA.⁠

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