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How Our Antimicrobial Technology Works

arctic white cute women's antimicrobial underscrub with thumbholes

Ruby’s antimicrobial items contain silver, which kills bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. Silver is a positively charged ion, which targets microorganisms, causing the following actions to kill them:

Silver ions bind to membrane proteins on the cell wall that are responsible for the transport of substances in and out of the cell. Blocking this transport contributes to the death of the cell. These same ions find their way inside the cell and bind to its DNA (thus disrupting cell replication). The silver also blocks the cell’s respiratory system, which destroys energy production, also contributing to cell death.

With this antimicrobial technology on board, you can rest assured that Ruby is helping you keep work at work by minimizing the germs you take home. Germs are killed on the inside of the garment as well, keeping you fresher and more confident.

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Underscrub Details

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Benefits of Ruby's Underscrubs

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