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Nurse Brains

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As a nurse, I loved working with student nurses and training new grads.  One of the things I stressed (especially as I trained), was the importance of developing a system to organize patient information as completely as possible.  Not only would they understand their patients' conditions better, but they would be able to be better nurses, and ultimately shorten their “learning curve”.

That said, I have an idea.

To help future student nurses and new grads, let’s compile a library of “nursing brains”, or systems of organizing patient information.  Everyone’s brain works differently, so if we get a wide variety of systems, the greater help this resource can be.

If you’re interested in submitting your system, please email and include an image of your system, along with the following:
--your first name and last initial
--professional credentials
--what type of nursing you do

Hopefully together we can make a really tough time in someone’s career a little easier!



Emily T. BSN RN, med-surg




Breanna R. RN, OB


Reba S., BSN RN, IMC

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