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What are compression socks and who are they for?

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Everyone can benefit from compression socks, and here’s why!

As the name indicates, compression socks compress your legs. In doing so they allow your blood to return to your heart faster and easier. As a result, you are left with more energy, as well as reduced swelling and pain.

What does this mean for you?

For those who are into fitness and athletics (especially all you roller skaters!!):
Your workouts will be better because your body has a surplus of energy. You will find that you can run or play sports for longer without fatigue. Your chances of getting shin splints are also reduced when you wear compression socks.

For those of you who love hiking and outdoor adventuring:
You will be able to hike farther and for longer while wearing compression socks for all the reasons mentioned in the fitness and athletic section of this post. Your feet will hurt less, and your likelihood of getting blisters is reduced because of the compression. If it’s cold outside, layer your compression socks with wool socks and your toes will be toasty warm!!

For those of you who travel for work or for leisure:
When you wear compression socks while you travel, your feet and legs likely won’t swell. Swelling is often caused by sitting for too long (causing the blood and lymph to pool in your lower extremities) and/or changes in altitude (especially while traveling by airplane). Wearing compression socks helps improve blood and lymph flow, and you will find your comfort is increased and your swelling is reduced.

For those on your feet a lot:
If you’re standing for long periods of time (hello nurses and healthcare professionals!), the pain and swelling you often feel as your shift wears on will be reduced and quite often eliminated. You will have more energy during long shifts, which means you won’t go home *quite* as exhausted. ;)

For the pregnant mamas:
Compression socks also help reduce the swelling that so commonly accompanies the final months of pregnancy. Mamas will also find that their legs hurt less as they carry their little one to term. I had three very difficult pregnancies, and I am thrilled to be able to offer a product to help make that experience a little bit easier.

For those with health challenges:
I have had people tell me that compression socks help make their chemotherapy treatment days easier. Compression socks also help reduce symptoms of POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and other blood flow related conditions. People have also told me that the compression Ruby’s socks provide have reduced their chronic pain. Given the mechanism of action of wearing compression socks this makes sense, but it’s something I never thought of before starting Ruby. It makes my nurse heart happy to know Ruby can help ease the health struggles of others. :)

If you haven’t tried a pair of Ruby’s compression socks, shop now for your new favorite pair today! The soft fabric, perfect compression, antimicrobial properties, personality, and style will leave you with a smile on your face and happy legs and feet! And when you gift a loved one a pair of Ruby’s compression socks, you’re showing them that you support them in more ways than one. They will think of your kindness, empathy, and support every time they put them on!

Use the code BLOG for 20% off your next pair of compression socks. :)

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