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ruby's colorful compression socks for nurses and roller skaters in black white and hot pink, grey and red, aqua and lavender, and rainbow (pink orange golden yellow green teal and purple)

Compression Socks are for Everyone!

Compression socks are important pieces to be included in everyone's wardrobe! The benefits of Ruby's compression socks reach far beyond athletes and travelers. Pregnant mothers, people who work on their feet all day, chemotherapy patients, and roller skaters all can benefit from the benefits of Ruby's compression socks.
brunette girls in black ruby tees and custom ruby compression socks, laying on a rainbow blanket in front of a rainbow wall

How Ruby's Custom Compression Sock Order Process Works

Ruby works with hospitals, corporate clients, and brands to create incredible compression socks for customers and employees! We have created thousands of pairs of socks in a wide variety of designs, and we look forward to working with you!
Ruby's Latest Sock Designs

Ruby's Latest Sock Designs

Ruby's latest antimicrobial compression sock releases- the Moscato and the Pretty Ruby- are two pairs of socks that belong in your collection! Read on to find out why...
bright fun and colorful ruby protective apparel compression socks in aqua, purple, rainbow, black and white, hot pink, grey, and red

Ruby Compression Socks Get Rave Reviews!

Here is one of my favorite recent reviews of Ruby’s compression socks, our best-selling product:
Empowered Nurses Empower Nurses 5k Information

Empowered Nurses Empower Nurses 5k Information

The "Empowered Nurses Empower Nurses" 5k is a collaboration between Ruby Protective Apparel and Embrace Nursing, a nonprofit that supports graduate-level nurses by providing scholarships, mentorship, and a variety of other resources. 100% of all profits will be donated to Embrace Nursing and their incredible mission!
5 Ruby Compression Sock Benefits

5 Ruby Compression Sock Benefits

If you haven’t tried a pair of Ruby’s compression socks, shop now for your new favorite pair today! The soft fabric, perfect compression, antimicrobial properties, personality, style, and potential for connection will leave you with a smile on your face and happy legs and feet!
ruby protective apparel compression socks antimicrobial fun colorful bright red grey aqua purple hot pink orange yellow green teal black white comfortable soft

Why Ruby's Compression Socks Rock

Ruby's socks are awesome! They are made from soft fabric, have a reinforced heel and toe, and are super comfortable.  They contain permanent silver-ion antimicrobial technology.

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