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Ruby's Latest Sock Designs

Ruby's Latest Sock Designs

Say hello to Ruby’s latest antimicrobial compression sock designs, the Moscato (pictured on the left) and the Pretty Ruby (pictured on the right)!

The Moscato

Pretty in pink, the Moscato is neutral enough for those who prefer something more subtle, but still fun enough to be loved by the rest of us!

When I originally designed this sock, I had it in my head to create it in variations of burgundy (intending to call the sock “the Merlot”). For some weird reason, my production company got the colors entirely wrong from what I initially requested. They sent what is now what you see in the picture, and I thought it was so pretty I just rolled with it and changed the name to “the Moscato”!

The Pretty Ruby

I produced this pair in collaboration with legendary local Las Vegas artist Pretty Done. As a nod to all nurses and healthcare professionals, this pair is adorned with stethoscopes, syringes, bandage scissors, medicine, and four colored pens. The best part about this sock is that when you buy a pair, I give a pair to a healthcare professional in an underprivileged or developing country!

As with all of Ruby’s other compression socks, both pairs are permanently antimicrobial (“permanent” being defined as maintaining antimicrobial efficacy after 200+ washes). I have received several reviews from nurses that the antimicrobial efficacy of these socks is so effective, they will remain odor free even if worn two shifts in a row without washing. Speaking of the fabric, it is so soft! One of my customers commented that when she wore her Ruby compression socks, it felt like her legs were being hugged.

To add to the overall comfort, the heel and toe of each sock are reinforced, and there is plenty of room for your toes to wiggle! The compression is just perfect too. Medical-grade compression (20-30 mmHg) tends to be too tight and uncomfortable, so Ruby’s compression socks come in just below that at 15-20 mmHg. Within this range of compression, you will experience increased energy and support while exercising, traveling, or standing on your feet all day. Relief from pain and swelling is also an added bonus, as well as prevention of potential embolisms, spider veins, and varicose veins. And, for pregnant mothers, Ruby’s compression socks provide relief from the pain and swelling in their feet and legs that frequently accompanies the final stretches of pregnancy.

One of my favorite benefits of Ruby’s compression socks are the fun colors and designs. Not only do they make you feel happy when you wear them, they are also a way to connect with other people! They are great conversation starters (especially with other Ruby customers), and when you gift someone a pair of Ruby compression socks, you’re showing them you love and support them in more ways than one. They will think of you every time they put them on, and will be grateful for your kindness and empathy for their current situation.

Shop now for your new favorite pair of socks today! Or shop for a great gift for a friend!

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