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Ruby's First Birthday!!!

beautiful blonde woman in a sparkly dress holding a ruby geode cake with flowers and quartz and a birthday candle on top

One year ago today, I launched Ruby in the middle of a pandemic and was scared as hell. I’m a nurse by profession, and starting a new career (that I have no formal education in) and putting myself out there with a very real possibility of failure was terrifying.

That said, the biggest lesson I have learned over the past year is to be myself. It seems so simplistic, but it’s something that’s very hard to do when you’re as unsure of yourself as I was. As soon as I was able to let loose and allow myself to be me is when the magic started happening:

My branding came to life

When I launched Ruby, I intended to fall among the ranks of other healthcare apparel companies. I tried to fit the mold that they had collectively established (which was bland, boring, and lacking in color- all things Ruby is not) and it wasn’t working, because it was never supposed to work. When I stopped looking around at what I perceived that I “should” be doing and started doing what was true to me, Ruby really caught fire and came alive.

Ruby grew beyond what I had initially intended

Upon making the realization that my brand was so tightly knit to me as a person, I began thinking outside the healthcare apparel box and exploring ideas that appealed to me. As I have taken steps outside of my comfort zone, Ruby has moved into markets that I never even dreamed of being a part of. My favorite example: roller skate shops!

Ruby’s community has attracted in the awe-inspiring

Ruby has attracted some of the most incredible individuals you’d ever hope to meet. Women and men pushing themselves out of their comfort zones for the sake of growth and individuality have flocked to Ruby’s community. It’s been thrilling to watch and be a part of, because these people are the heart of Ruby. I’m so proud of our community.

So that’s my little piece I wanted to put out in the world on this occasion: Being unabashedly yourself is always the right choice.

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