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Ruby is for Refuge

four beautiful women wearing ruby compression socks in bright bold and fun colors, red grey aqua purple rainbow black and white stripe hot pink

Refuge is the word that Ruby is built upon, through offerings, platforms, and what Ruby stands for.

The entire function of Ruby’s products is to provide refuge in the following ways:

1) Refuge is provided in the form of silver-ion antimicrobial technology, to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Ruby’s products contain silver, which kills bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. (To learn more about how this works, read this article.) With this technology on board, Ruby helps keep germs at bay. But germs aren’t just killed on the outside of the fabric, they’re also killed on the inside as well! This means that germs that cause body odor are eliminated, keeping you fresher and more confident.

2) Refuge can be found in the function of Ruby’s products.

Ruby’s underscrubs are the perfect base layer to wear under your scrubs at work, or even as a base layer while you’re cold weather adventuring. They move in all the ways you do; raglan sleeves let you reach where you please, thumbholes keep your sleeves down when the occasion calls for it, and the extra length keeps you covered no matter which way you stretch or bend.

Ruby’s socks help make long days on your feet, workouts, chemo days, and a whole list of other endeavors a little easier. Because of the way they increase the blood flow throughout your body, you will find that pain and swelling that you may experience in your feet and legs is reduced, and hard things are a little easier to push through (thanks to a surplus of energy that results from maximized blood flow). Read this article to learn more about why Ruby’s compression socks are so awesome!

And last but not least, Ruby’s accessories help make life a little easier through their form and function. Our scrunchies are fan favorites that double as a hair accessory and a bracelet to wear on your wrist. Our pixie pouches keep you organized so you don’t have to dig through your bag for the small stuff you’re looking for. Our heavy-duty totes are great for carrying work-specific items in and keeping your essentials all together.

3) Ruby’s social media platforms also offer refuge.

The function of Ruby’s Instagram platform is to help you find a bit of refuge by being a bright spot on your feed; you’ll be able to find kindness, positivity, and humor as you scroll! We are a community of like-minded people with big dreams, drive, and hearts of gold. You can always find a friend and someone to talk to through Ruby’s Instagram, be it through the DMs or finding a new friend who is a fellow follower.

4) Finally, refuge can be found in Ruby’s branding.

The aesthetic of Ruby is bright, bold, and colorful. In hopes of bringing a smile to your face, Ruby hopes to foster connection to you as an individual, but also allows you to foster connection with others as you see them wearing the bright and bold stripes and patterns that Ruby is known for. It’s a way to bond us all together, knowing that kind and like-minded people wear their Rubies with pride.

The bright colors are also meant to bring a smile to your face. If you’re going through a gloomy time, we hope that Ruby can be a little sunshine in your life.

I hope you remember all these things as you interact with Ruby. Know that there is a lot of heart and a lot of love that has gone into the creation of this business, and I hope that it will be able to influence you for good in some small way. And, most importantly, I hope you are able to share that good with others.

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