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Ruby Compression Socks Get Rave Reviews!

bright fun and colorful ruby protective apparel compression socks in aqua, purple, rainbow, black and white, hot pink, grey, and red

Here is one of my favorite recent reviews of Ruby’s compression socks, our best-selling product:

“I stand on this hard ass concrete floor forty hours a week. I walk at least two miles everyday around the store on this concrete. We have no carpet. For the past two weeks I've been alternating my compression socks from Ruby Protective Apparel and OH MY GAWD THE DIFFERENCE I FEEL AFTER SIXTEEN YEARS IS INCREDIBLE. Seriously, my legs aren't cramping up as I walk to my car. I can sleep at night without tossing and turning. I am sold! I'm buying enough for two weeks. I just thought I was going to be roller skating in them, but oh no- I want to wear them EVERY DAMN DAY. I want my mom to have some. I want my boyfriend to wear them. I WANT YOU TO TRY THEM! They brighten my day and I feel so good! I never thought I would be in love with compression socks.”

I love how much Ruby’s compression socks have impacted her life for good! This is what Ruby is here for- to help make things a little easier for you as you do hard things, no matter what those hard things may be. Whether it’s standing on concrete floors during the long hours at your full time job, running the halls as a nurse or other healthcare professional, or being on your feet all day teaching the next generation of learners, Ruby is here to help lighten your load.

How could socks possibly have this effect on anyone? The answer is simple. Compression socks help the blood return to your heart from your feet and legs (the farthest reaches the blood has to go) faster and easier (similar to how water flows faster and farther when you narrow the opening of a garden hose with your thumb). This in turn reduces the workload on your heart, which means you have an increase in not only performance, but also in your energy levels! This means:

-You will have more energy to crush your workouts.
-You will be less tired after standing on your feet all day.
-You will be able to walk/run/hike farther without getting as tired.
-The applications are endless!!!

In addition to the practical functions of Ruby compression socks, the bright colors and fun patterns are sure to make you smile! Ruby compression socks are excellent for starting conversations with people you come across, wherever you find yourself. And, if you choose to gift Ruby compression socks to someone you love, they will think of you and your kindness every time they put them on.

Shop now to add Ruby compression socks to your collection today! Be sure to use the code BLOG to get 20% off your first order of compression socks. I am excited for you to try them.

Feel free to drop a line to and let us know what you think of your new Rubies!

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