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How Ruby Has Given Back In 2021

How Ruby Has Given Back In 2021

Ruby has several core values that make our brand so special.

First: Integrity. Doing the right thing for the right reason, and putting our customers and community before our bottom line. Integrity seems to be becoming less and less common these days, which means it’s something that becomes more and more important for us to uphold.

Second: Refuge. Ruby will always be a safe place for our community to share ideas and feel accepted. Ruby’s products also provide a small bit of refuge simply in the function they provide.

Third: Education. Oscar Wilde once said “you can never be overdressed or overeducated”, and we agree! Education is one of the only things you can invest in yourself that can never be taken away. Ask us if you should get that degree or certificate, or if you should take the course in something that interests you, we will always say yes!

Fourth: Contribution. Making a long lasting and impactful difference in our community is paramount to Ruby. What’s the point of having a platform and a business if you don’t do something to improve the world around you? Although our offerings in 2021 were small, they will continue to grow as Ruby continues to grow.

Here is a snap shot of how Ruby has been able to give back in 2021:

-In November Ruby held a virtual 5k in behalf of Embrace Nursing, a nonprofit that supports nurses as they pursue their graduate-level degrees (be it through scholarships, mentor support, and even a cup of coffee). We helped raise just shy of $1500 through entry fees and donations, and it was a fun event that people all over the country were able to participate in and enjoy!

-With each purchase of our “Pretty Ruby” socks (a healthcare provider specific design developed in collaboration with local Las Vegas artist Pretty Done), Ruby is donating a pair of compression socks to a healthcare provider in an underprivileged or developing country.

-Upon learning about peoples’ lives and dire situations, Ruby has donated countless pairs of compression socks to people going through chemotherapy and difficult surgeries. (Ruby’s compression socks are little bright spots to send people, especially in those kinds of situations; the compression itself has so many benefits and the bright colors help the smiles come easier, especially when life deals such a mean hand.)

-Ruby also regularly donates to a variety of nonprofits. Another favorite is called Debriefing the Front Lines, a nonprofit that delivers psychological first aid, sustained emotional wellness, and continuing education to nurses across all specialties.

The more Ruby grows, the more Ruby will contribute moving forward! In 2022, we will continue donating compression socks to healthcare providers in underprivileged or developing countries, as well as to those going through chemotherapy and difficult surgeries. Ruby will continue to donate to nonprofits with missions that align with our values, and we will be doing another 5k to support another fantastic nonprofit (though this year it is going to a virtual AND in-person event during the Halloween season). Keep an eye on Ruby and see how Ruby will change the world.

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