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Empowered Nurses Empower Nurses 5k Information

Empowered Nurses Empower Nurses 5k Information

The "Empowered Nurses Empower Nurses" 5k is a collaboration between Ruby Protective Apparel and Embrace Nursing, a nonprofit that supports graduate-level nurses by providing scholarships, mentorship, and a variety of other resources. 100% of all profits will be donated to Embrace Nursing and their incredible mission! (Click here to enroll as a race participant, through 29 Oct 2021!)

If you're a nurse, gather your work besties and run this virtual 5k together! In your swag bag you will receive an "empowered nurses empower nurses" long sleeve tee, a pair of Ruby compression socks in an exclusive new pattern made just for healthcare professionals, and a sweet little ruby red bow scrunchie! Wear your socks while you run, and enjoy them again while you work- the support and comfort will help your workday go by faster!

If you're not a nurse, you can still enter to run this virtual 5k with your friends! Keep the items in the swag bag for yourself, or gift them to a friend who will appreciate them. Ruby compression socks have a variety of benefits (click here and here to learn more), so you might want to keep them for yourself. ;) 

This is a virtual 5k, so feel free to run or walk it at your leisure during November 26-29th! Be sure to share photos and videos of your 5k experience on Instagram. Tag @ruby.protective.apparel and @embracenursing for a chance to be featured!!

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