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Cold Weather Additions to Your Wardrobe!

beautiful blonde woman wearing Ruby's buffalo check beanie and Ruby's antimicrobial underscrub

As the weather begins to cool down, warmer clothes begin being pulled out of wardrobes everywhere to accommodate the drop in temperature. Your Ruby compression socks will become more comfortable to wear outside as weather cools, and this is an excellent season to take advantage of all their benefits. In addition to Ruby’s compression socks, there are two other items Ruby offers that will be excellent additions to your cold weather wardrobe:

Ruby’s Underscrubs

Ruby’s antimicrobial underscrubs were initially designed for nurses to wear under their scrubs at work; the construction of the top doesn’t fight with scrub tops (if one chooses to wear a scrub top over top), and the silver antimicrobial technology woven throughout the fabric ensures that not only do germs die on the surface, but also reduces body odor.

That said, these features have been recognized by many people who aren’t in the nursing community! Women who love outdoor adventuring love Ruby’s underscrubs for an excellent base layer when they’re out adventuring. (My favorite feature: the thumbholes! They hold the top in place when adding layers over top, and keep the sleeves down when you’re feeling chilly.) From hikers to mountain climbers to rock climbers, women everywhere love to take Ruby’s underscrubs along on their adventures.

But don’t take our word for it! Here is a review from one of our customers that shows just how much these tops are loved:

“My Ruby underscrub is my favorite base layer to wear when hiking and climbing when it’s cold! It keeps me warm and it’s so comfortable! I love the thumbholes, and I love that it cuts any BO I might have when I’m working hard hiking or climbing. The construction makes it easy to rock climb too. Just a great top all around!”

Ruby’s Buffalo Check Beanie

This beanie was an addition to Ruby’s offerings at the end of last year. Our owner (who is always cold) wanted to offer something to customers to help keep them warm and comfortable while they were out and about doing their thing, be it going to work, making memories with friends and family, or climbing a mountain. The response was so positive, it only seemed right to bring them back again this season!

Ruby’s Buffalo Check beanie is made from super soft black and red buffalo check fabric, and is hugged by a black cuff that boasts the Ruby logo, which is expertly embroidered into the fabric for maximum quality. It is topped off by a fun black pom pom, adding to its personality and allowing you to express yours!

Here is another review from one of our favorite customers:

“Everything Ruby offers is so cute, and these Ruby beanies are no different! Super cute style. Super soft fabric. Keeps me warm and cozy.”

Shop now to add Ruby’s antimicrobial under scrub and buffalo check beanie to your cold weather collection today! And, as always, write us at and let us know what you think of them.

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